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About Us

We are cattle cow/calf producing operation here is Salem, Indiana. Our online store offers farm fresh beef by the retail cuts as individual packages, or half and whole beef options. Our delivery option "FROM OUR PASTURE TO YOUR PORCH" is a unique, step back in time. Memories of how the milk man use to operate. We take the hassle out of purchasing a beef and getting it home. We use our BEEFWAGON, freezer truck to bring it straight to your freezer. We only sell our beef that was breed, born and raised from day one on our farm. This allows us to have a "Closed herd" and full records of every animal that we process. By doing this, we are 100% that our beef has been raised and processed without any growth hormones and antibiotics. Each animal has a complete record on our software that shows everything that has happened to that specific calf since the day it was born, through our 2 year grain fed program until it is served to you.